Updated 22 December 2023

Walpole Bay Bowls Club

Bowls’ Etiquette


  1. Members selected to play in matches are requested to contact the Captain or Vice-Captain as early as possible in the event of them being unable to play.
  2. Know the laws of the game and the rules of any league or competition in which you play.
  3. Arrive 15 minutes before each match (the Captain will then know if a reserve is required).
  4. Keep quiet and still when players are on the mat
  5. Stand behind the mat while your opponent bowls
  6. Walk close to the centre of your rink when changing ends to avoid distraction on the adjoining rinks, consult at the head not in the centre of the rink.
  7. Be ready to play when it your turn.
  8. When the end is completed assist to collect the woods
  9. Accept the skips instructions as to the hand he wishes you to bowl, unless he gives you the option.
  10. Shake hands with your team and your opponents before the game and again at the finish
  11. The possession of the rink belongs to your opponent when bowl has come to rest, you should be behind the mat/head
  12. Always stand well clear of the head and not in it.
  13. Watch all bowls as they are played you will then know where each bowl is (both your team and your opponent).
  14. Accept a lucky bowl graciously (we all have our fair share).


  1. Don't waste time (if in doubt, measure).
  2. Don't deliver your bowl before the previous one has come to rest.
  3. Don’t blame the others or the rink if you lose.
  4. Don’t smoke on the green